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Mountain Vacation Rental Properties
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Mountain Vacation Rentals

Looking for your dream vacation rental property in the mountains? You've come to the right place!

Look around for information about mountain rental properties and vacation destinations for families, friends and lovers.

Choosing a mountain vacation destination

Mountain Vacation Rentals

Mountain towns can be relaxing, hidden treasures for vacation spots…or just a stopping point along floods of tourists. Different mountain resort towns offer different experiences to the vacationer. Make sure you do your research, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I looking for on this vacation? Peace and tranquility? Fabulous restaurants and exciting nightlife? The best snow in the country?
  • How accessible is this place? Is it close to a local airport? Is there a shuttle service to the mountain town? Is there public transportation to get me to/from the mountain?
  • Do I want something off the beaten path? Do I want something more Cosmopolitan? Urban? More rural, cabin-like or rustic?

There is a vast difference between mountain vacation spots, and doing research before you reserve a mountain vacation rental will help ensure you get the trip you want. Pick up the phone and call around to see if there is affordable lodging to meet your needs - do you want a swanky high-end hotel? Serene places to camp? A rental home or condo to make your own for an extended period of time?

Booking your mountain vacation getaway

Mountain Vacation Rentals

Start your trip off right; choosing your mountain vacation rental property can be economical. First off, check out mountain vacation rentals by owners. A growing number of home and condo vacation property owners are opting to circumvent the management companies and their 40 - 50% commissions, by offering the same properties direct to vacationers. Check out, it has a variety of mountain rental property listings and provides you with direct access to the homeowner.

At RentalLodges, you will have the ability to speak directly with the owner - ask questions about the best time to vacation there (festivals, concerts, high/low tourist seasons, etc), who is there if a problem arises (hot water tank stops operating or toilet won't flush, for example), and inquire about specially discounted dates for your stay. Speaking with the owner is a great way to get a feel for your stay. If they are enthusiastic about the destination and seem comfortable on the phone, chances are, you've chosen a good destination and place to stay. If nothing else, you'll learn more about the area, and may save you from a vacation headache later on!

Next, sometimes it's best going direct to the main resort - so shop them. For example, Steamboat Springs, Colorado ( resort owner Intrawest (, and the city's chamber guarantee flight load on planes. So they can help make your vacation more affordable with attractive packages that sometimes can make it worthwhile. These include transportation, ski lift tickets, and even good deals on vacation rental properties.

Finally, if booking your vacation rental property directly with the property owner, don't be afraid to negotiate. Many will give up something for a nice family who will take care of their home, water the plants, and look after it as if their own. It is particularly appealing if your family is a small one, or with grandparents... which tells them something about likely limited wear-and-tear. Ask for current pictures of the home you're renting. Last minute bookings also can reel in deep discounts.

What to look for in a vacation rental property

Mountain Vacation Rentals

Selecting the best rental home or condo for your vacation getaway is key to your experience and overall vacation. It is important to assess what your primary use for this vacation rental property is: Will you be spending a lot of time in the house? Will you just be sleeping there? Would you rather be in the great outdoors? Will you be having a large family get-together? All things are important to consider in selecting the type of vacation rental that will best suit your needs.

There are many options for your lodging in the mountains - personal homes or condos for rent, camping, boutique hotels or rustic bed and breakfasts. Research online and call around to find the best deal. If you're planning a family vacation to the mountains, a large house is probably more economical than several hotel rooms.

It is strongly recommended you ask the owner or management company questions to learn more about the property before committing to a stay:

  • How close is it to town, the ski village/mountain? Is there nearby transportation into town, to the ski village/mountain? Are linens provided?
  • How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? How many does it sleep?
  • What appliances are available for your use? Is there heat? Is there central air (it is not uncommon for mountain homes to not have air conditioning - windows will suffice)? Is there a hot tub?
  • Is there a cleaning service? How often do they come? Is someone available locally for maintenance if anything should arise during our stay?
  • Are pictures available?
  • How old is the home? How long has it been on the rental market? What are the terms for the deposit?

Being a prepared vacationer and doing just a bit of research will make a world of difference in your mountain getaway. After all this you can relax, you'll be in the mountains!

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